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Europastrasse 17, 8152 Glattbrugg, Schweiz
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  • Product Intro

    Cloud Management Solutions
    The digital age is here. Say goodbye to countless of hours of calculating your employees' salary by hand.
    The solution is here. The most sought after product in the world has finally arrived in Switzerland.
    This exclusive solution has become a core part of daily operation in AAAB.
    Click NEXT to see what we're offering for you to revolutionize the way you manage your company and employees

  • Data and File

    Our state of the art solution seamlessly stores and manages data. All done automatically.
    Our devices and management tools work hand in hand. We offer devices for check in / check out for your employees. You will be able to register all your employees in one place, determine their pay per hour, calculate their pay slip automatically, determine how much tax they need to pay, and much more.
    All of these solutions, in the palm of your hand.

  • Analytics
    and Metrics

    For each employee you will have the statistics of their performance during the work hours.
    If they came late to work you will be notified and it will be on the record of your employees for your evaluation.
    Performance evaluation of which employee is working the best and who is the most disciplined during their tenure in the workplace.
    Charts show you how to improve the workflow of your daily tasks.

  • Reporting
    and Insights

    Reporting will be provided in one page. Pay slips (lohnabrechnung) will no longer be needed for you to spend hours and hours for each employee to calculate their salary and taxes. All will be automatically calculated for you and in your own comfort.
    You will be able to individually determine how much tax needs to be paid for each employee. You set it ones and system does the rest for you automatically.

  • Communications

    Communication between your management staff is crucial and the most necessary part of your company.
    You will be able to seamlessly utilize our state of the art hub where you will discuss all your company needs and improvements that are needed to be shared between your staff.